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On a recent sunny Sunday afternoon, I invited my daughter along for a drive to the coast in the convertible. The flowers were in...

Editor’s Letter: Work It! in Our September Issue

My father toiled 43 years for U.S. Steel, back when many of this country’s biggest corporations had a now-unthinkable compact with workers: employee fealty...

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Including a reflection on Argyros Plaza's one-year anniversary.

Editor’s Letter: November 2016

A few years ago, we showed our not-quite-3-year-old son how to hold a taco, tilt his head, and take a bite—“Keep it over the plate!”

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Whether you spend a night or a week, there’s a perfect spot here for your getaway, and it might be a place you’ve overlooked before.

Letter From the Editor on Our December Noodles Issue

"Breathe deeply and take solace knowing we’re at the sunset of this year. Here’s hoping 2021 will bring reassurance, optimism, and hugs."

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"The passion and promise of more O.C. young people is evident in our Gen Z story."

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One day about five years ago, my then 4-year-old daughter and I were enjoying some downtime in the backyard. She asked me to color a page in her princess...

Letter From the Editor: A Great Diversion When Staying Home

It’s mind-blowing how much has changed in slightly more than two weeks.

Editor’s Note | January 2018

Every year these stories inspire me to aim higher, and I hope they will raise your spirits as well.