Editor’s Letter: Why Old Las Vegas is MIA

I once asked Wayne Newton, Mr. Las Vegas, to give me a tour of the most historic parts of his adopted hometown. Who better...

Our Editor-In-Chief Shares Her Favorite Things in the December 2018 Issue

"The brothers (behind Wahoo's Fish Taco) are the epitome of everything we like to celebrate in Orange County."

Editor’s Letter: Destiny’s Crapshoot

The opening and closing scenes of the 1994 Robert Zemekis film “Forrest Gump” revolve around a single white feather—OK, a computer-generated feather—drifting on currents of...
Alan Gibbons Editor

Welcoming My Replacement!

A special Q&A with Orange Coast magazine's new Editor, Alan Gibbons

Editor’s Note // November 2019 Breakfast Issue

"Treat yourself to the luxury of time spent over an early meal and start your day with a relaxing outlook and a full stomach to boot."

Editor’s Note on September 2019 Issue

Read our Editor-in-Chief's favorite things about the September issue.

Editor’s Note | March 2019

"You might have abandoned your New Year’s resolutions by now, but as we add daylight to the evening hours this month, it’s a good time to celebrate with a jolt to your muscles, your mind, and your curiosity."

Editor’s Note | February 2018

"When we hear statistics in the news, sometimes it can take a little digging to get to the people and the stories behind the numbers."

Editor’s Letter: Beach-Town Getaways

My father and his father built a beach cottage way back in 1940. Our family owns it still, and that unglamorous little structure remains...

Editor’s Note | March 2018

Dig into our feature about hikes and pick one to try, no matter your experience level. We promise there’s one that’s perfect for you.