Editor’s Note | March 2019

"You might have abandoned your New Year’s resolutions by now, but as we add daylight to the evening hours this month, it’s a good time to celebrate with a jolt to your muscles, your mind, and your curiosity."

Editor’s Letter: Where to Taste the World in O.C.

My first O.C. global dining adventure involved a cafe in Little Saigon. Four of us had come to try authentic Vietnamese. Unable to read...

Editor’s Note | April 2019

"You’re a stronger person than I if you make it through this issue and haven’t nabbed reservations for at least three of these places."

Editor’s Letter: September 2016

I was born and raised in Denver. And while it wasn’t nearly the hip and vibrant city it is now, it was still a great place to grow up.

Editor’s Letter: In Praise of Next Chapters

I try to make conscious choices about how I live. This involves small-scale daily decisions: broccoli instead of Big Macs, walking meetings instead of...

Editor’s Letter: What Will Your Kids Remember?

With this month’s cover story in mind, I asked our kids, now 27 and 23, to recount their fondest childhood memories. Their answers caught me off guard.

Editor’s Note | January 2018

Every year these stories inspire me to aim higher, and I hope they will raise your spirits as well.

Editor’s Note | February 2019

"While a romantic, leisurely dinner out is hard to beat, we can all use inspiration to try something outside the norm."

Editor’s Note on September 2019 Issue

Read our Editor-in-Chief's favorite things about the September issue.

Editor’s Note | December 2017

Sometimes it's nice to take a step back in time.