The First Flickers of Fall: Kayotei Ryokan, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

At heart, the luxurious Kayotei is a traditional Japanese ryokan: a quiet inn. Nestled among ancient trees in a small hot-springs village, this ryokan offers ten spacious, serene suites, with a tea ceremony pavilion at the center of each. Floors and walkways are covered by fragrant tatami mats, and the Japanese aesthetic of rustic simplicity governs all aspects of Kayotei’s design. It’s difficult to determine the point at which the refined interiors end and the delicate gardens begin.

Monkey Month Travel: Signature Uganda Tour, Abercrombie & Kent

Technically this is the Southern Hemisphere, but not by much. If the equator was visible you might be able to see it without binoculars. Still, this is where the apes are!Approximately 20 hours of flying and 9,300 miles away lie the lush forests of Uganda, and significant populations of your two closest (non-human) relatives: chimpanzees and gorillas. You’ll see plenty, something any tour operator can provide (though wild, these primates are used to humans), but Signature Uganda remains a standout. This is a private journey—no groups, and you’ll set your own departure date.

Perfect Getaway: Yosemite—for the Park’s 125th Anniversary

To appreciate the majesty of Yosemite National Park, you need to visit often—and the 125th anniversary is a great time to start. Experience 360-degree...

June Travel News: SkyMall

For years the SkyMall catalogue was a dependable diversion during the long wait between boarding and the drinks service. It was always a hoot—pewter Lord of the Rings chess sets, life-sized Yeti garden sculptures, girdles for men—and with merchandise like that, who could’ve predicted bankruptcy? But in January SkyMall went Chapter 11 and broke our hearts. Now, a mere four months later, it has risen from the ashes (you can thank the new owner, C&A Marketing).

Perfect Getaway: Yucca Valley & Joshua Tree

Like a rare flower that blooms in unexpected places, the high-desert towns of Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree bring travelers surprising delights. Situated on a stretch of Twentynine Palms Highway about 30 miles north of Palm Springs, these adjacent communities offer the serenity of their remote location, extra-starry skies and, because of their 3,300-foot elevation, temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the valley floor

Tinder Travelers: Finding Friends through a Dating App

When Editor-in-Chief Martin Smith first talked about his story (click here to read), I was quick to chime in with my own experiences using the website's techy-er cousins: apps Grouper and Tinder.

Redwood National & State Parks

Thanks to the minimal signage in this national/state park, it’s easy to imagine that you’ve just stumbled upon a forgotten corner of a lost world.

Neighborhoods Map

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Travel Chicago: Go Car-Free to Enjoy Public Art and Architecture

In the summer, it’s easy to tour Chicago by foot or on bikes to enjoy the festivals, expansive lakefront, and vast culinary offerings.