Q: Are there any wheelchair-accessible playgrounds here?

These parks get our vote when it comes to wheelchair accessibility.

Q: What was the county’s first park?

Originally called Orange County Park, its 160 acres were gifted to the county by James Irvine Jr. for $1.

Q: How long has the Shake Shack stood above Crystal Cove?

This beachfront landmark appeared not long after that segment of Coast Highway opened in the late 1920s, when...

O.C. Answer Man: When and where did Orange County get its first traffic signal?

The earliest confirmed instance I’ve found is a simple flashing light atop a signpost at the center of the intersection at...

O.C. Answer Man: ‘Carbondale’ is a California Historical Landmark. What is it?

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Answer Man: Did that symbol of Orange County, the Valencia orange, originate in Valencia,...

The Valencia orange, which dominated our economy for half a century, originated in...

Q: Who was ‘Holy Jim’ of Holy Jim Canyon fame?

In 1900, government cartographers named the canyon for its best-known resident,...

O.C. Answer Man: Orange County was named for its orange groves, right?

Oranges were exotic curiosities to most Americans, who were lucky to get one a year in their Christmas stocking.

O.C. Answer Man: Why does Orange County have so many eucalyptus trees?

In 1895, state forester Abbot Kinney wrote a book extolling the fast-growing tree’s commercial potential. He claimed, incorrectly, that eucalyptus wood...

O.C. Answer Man: Is there a rule about skimpy bathing suits in Newport Beach?

Here's what the Newport Beach municipal code dictates regarding skimpy bathing suits at the beach.