The YouTube Sensations of Evan Rosenberg

Evan Rosenberg, profiled in this month's Quotes, created the first regular video ballet podcast. These videos have racked up nearly 47 million views. A few of his hand-picked faves are embedded below, followed by two videos on the Ballet Podcaster himself.

Wake, Skate, Repeat

Just like any other teenager, Nyjah Hutson uses social media to help document his life. Discover a little more about the back-to-back gold medalist through this collection of his past tweets and photos—we even threw in a couple “Throwback Thursdays” for an earlier look at the skateboarding star.

How a Videographer Made Anaheim Ballet’s “More Than Dance” Podcast a YouTube Sensation

The 31-year-old La Habra Heights director, actor, dancer, and choreographer—and son of Anaheim Ballet founders Lawrence and Sarma Lapenieks Rosenberg—created the first regular video ballet podcast. Since the premiere with Korean-born dancer Jimmy Cha, these fun video postcards have racked up nearly 47 million views.

Quotes: Rick ‘Rockin’ Fig’ Fignetti

The 56-year-old Surf City legend, announcer to some of the sport’s biggest competitions, is preparing for his 20th year as the voice of the US Open of Surfing, July 20 through 28. Holder of several West Coast and national titles, and a Surfing Walk of Fame honoree, Fignetti still competes, while also running his Main Street board shop, Rockin’ Fig’s Surf Headquarters.

Quotes: Alan Shi

Told the final word of the Orange County spelling contest was a quick, humorous musical composition, the Irvine eighth-grader applied eight years of piano practice to come up with S-C-H-E-R-Z-O. Fourteen-year-old Alan, who also speaks Spanish and Chinese, will represent the county at the Scripps National Spelling Bee near Washington this month. “Words,” he says, “just sort of stick with me.”