South Coast Plaza Delays Opening Due to Recent Events

South Coast Plaza announced on their Facebook and Instagram pages that they are delaying the planned June 1st opening to a later date. 

Anaheim Sign Language Interpreter On Translating COVID-19 News On Live TV

Sign language interpreter Juti Seshie of Anaheim considers translating COVID-19 news on live TV to be her most crucial assignment yet.

A San Clemente Couple’s Cruise Takes an Unexpected Detour Due to COVID-19

A San Clemente couple’s vacation abruptly changed as their cruise raced to stay ahead of the coronavirus.

Editor’s Note on Our June 2020 “Sustaining Orange County” Issue

"You’ll meet leaders and entrepreneurs who are making a difference in areas such as waste management, saving the oceans, and renewable energy. They’re passionate and engaged, and the biggest message from most of them is that every little bit helps."

10 Orange County Hikes to Take You From Sea to Summit

Discover ocean vistas, waterfalls, and wind-swept mountain peaks with 360-degree views.

These O.C. Locals Share Their Experiences During COVID-19

From Pacific Symphony director Carl St.Clair to our Instagram followers

How This O.C. Spin Studio Owner Adapted Her Business During COVID-19

"Sometimes I get stuck in my ways and I don’t like trying new things, but through this I’ve learned that everytime I’m open-minded about change, goodness just floods in."

San Clemente Pianist and Singer Performs For Neighbors

"I’m so uplifted by the celebration that music brings. It was something really moving to me, and it’s given me focus."

O.C. Grocery Clerks Share Their Experience During COVID-19

"You always feel kind of proud to say you work at Trader Joe’s. But (now) if it weren’t for the grocery employees, this whole entire country would be in a way gnarlier situation."

Oak and Coal Owner Shares Experience During the Early Days of COVID-19

"One thing to come out of this … is that it’s a good reminder to appreciate what you have and be good to one another."