O.C. Steps Up: Free Food Fridays at Recess Room

The restaurant in Fountain Valley started hosting Free Food Fridays the week the shelter-in-place order was announced. Since then, they have launched nationwide campaigns to give back.

Sweet Treats in Orange County: Your Best Bets For Dessert Any Time

From shave ice to s’mores to scones, here are your best bets for dessert any time.

Local Natives Singer Ryan Hahn On The Band’s Evolution And Return To O.C.

"We owe so much to Orange County because it was where we learned about music, saw our first shows, got together as a band. We’re an Orange County band."

Fabled Dancer, Choreographer, and UC Irvine Professor Emeritus Donald McKayle Has Died at the...

Orange Coast profiled McKayle in our February 2013 issue:"Grounded"Time and gravity have caught up with the fabled dancer and UC Irvine choreographer. And he’s fine...

Cheers! Inventive Jewelry & Cocktails by O.C.’s Finest

A toast to O.C. jewelers and bartenders whose creations you’ll want this holiday season.

Editor’s Letter: Like-Minded Nerds

The most impressive thing about my senior year of high school was my stint as kanzler of the German Club, better even than my...

A Preview Of Our May 2020 “Together” Issue

We show off how Orange County connected and coped in the early days of COVID-19. You’ll find plenty of reasons to be proud of where we live and how we’re rising together.
oc kid friendly

Five Kid-Friendly O.C. Restaurants That Parents Will Like Too

Looking for some kid friendly dining options in Orange County? Here are five of our favorite places that will keep parents sane and kids happy.

Growing Up in O.C.: Champion Joyce Hoffman on the Idealistic Days of Surfing

Joyce Hoffman b. 1947, lived in Capistrano Beach 1965 and ’66 surfing world championSurfing was nothing like it is today. It was idealistic and magical back...


Elizabeth Loftus has proved again and again that our memories can be distorted truths, or even elaborate lies. All of which makes the controversial...