How This O.C. Spin Studio Owner Adapted Her Business During COVID-19

"Sometimes I get stuck in my ways and I don’t like trying new things, but through this I’ve learned that everytime I’m open-minded about change, goodness just floods in."

San Clemente Pianist and Singer Performs For Neighbors

"I’m so uplifted by the celebration that music brings. It was something really moving to me, and it’s given me focus."

O.C. Grocery Clerks Share Their Experience During COVID-19

"You always feel kind of proud to say you work at Trader Joe’s. But (now) if it weren’t for the grocery employees, this whole entire country would be in a way gnarlier situation."

Oak and Coal Owner Shares Experience During the Early Days of COVID-19

"One thing to come out of this … is that it’s a good reminder to appreciate what you have and be good to one another."

Fountain Valley Teacher On Transitioning to Online Classes

"I always work my hardest and try my best for the kids—try to make their lives easier and make learning fun, and I’m going to continue to do that. I don’t see this as a break."

How This O.C. Ballet School For Kids is Transitioning to Online Classes

We talked to Brooke Taylor, UC Irvine alum and owner of multiple Tutu School locations across the county.

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O.C. Steps Up: Free Food Fridays at Recess Room

The restaurant in Fountain Valley started hosting Free Food Fridays the week the shelter-in-place order was announced. Since then, they have launched nationwide campaigns to give back.

These Photos Capture Orange County During COVID-19

From countless closure signs to empty landscapes to messages of hope and resolve, here's a look at Orange County during the early days of COVID-19.

Mission Viejo High School Alum Enters the Astronaut Hall of Fame

A native of Spain, Michael Lopez-Alegria grew up in the then-unincorporated town of Mission Viejo. After high school, he joined the U.S. Navy, becoming a NASA astronaut in 1992.