April O.C. Events: Concerts, Festivals, Live Theater, and More

In-person events including concerts and live theater start to ramp up this month.

COVID-19 Anniversary: Voices in the Arts

The show goes on.

COVID-19 Anniversary: Art and Remembrance

Diana Burbano, literary director of Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble, discusses the Santa Ana-based group's "COVID Monologues" project.

Peter Keller Has Led Bowers Museum for 30 Years

Showcasing the world's treasures for 30 years, Peter Keller says he's just getting started.

O.C. Author’s Latest Sci-Fi Novel ‘The Ministry for the Future’ Explores Climate Change

Alarming yet optimistic, Kim Stanley Robinson's novel is “a must-read for anyone worried about the future of the planet,” according to Publishers Weekly.

Dancing With an O.C. Star

Wellness classes at Argyros Plaza offer the chance to move like a pro with instruction from OC native and Broadway veteran Lauren Lim Jackson.

Street Art in O.C. to Lift Spirits

City of Hope Orange County partners with county Health Care Agency and local groups to offer optimism through art.

March O.C. Events: Classical and Jazz Concerts, Festivals, and More

Here is our monthly. curated list of local events.