Artist A.J. Nesselrod Immortalizes Our Overlooked Reality

We drive by, around, through, and over them every day. Viewed mostly as signposts for whether we’re going the right direction in our tiny motorized...

Catherine Kaleel Paints the Details of Golden Memories

When Catherine Kaleel’s mother sold her home, eight boxes of childhood belongings from Kaleel and her sibling arrived at her doorstep.

Veteran Artist Robert Riemer Listens to His Muse

When Riemer was a student at UCLA, a professor took one look at the dozens of paintings he’d brought in to class to be critiqued, wrinkled his nose...

Artist S. Jacqueline Nicolini Paints With Exquisite Detail

Old enough to take care of pet birds but unable to fully protect them from pet cats, a very young Nicolini lost several birds in a row to her feline companion.

Artist Kerri Sabine-Wolf Pairs Beauty & Beastliness to Make her Point

Sabine-Wolf likes transformations. The Tustin home of this self-confessed “butterfly wrangler” is in the path of a migratory trek. Once sitting in her yard for...

Huntington Beach Artist Who Gave Up Teaching and 401K to Pursue Career in Fine...

After a decade of teaching children with special needs, the Huntington Beach artist cashed in her 401(k), told her horrified children that she was going back...

LCAD Student Averi Endow Draws in Viewers with her Arresting Paintings

A master of fine arts student at Laguna College of Art and Design, Averi Endow has her hands full: long hours painting seven days a week; commissions...

Irvine Fine Arts Center Curator Garners Acclaim for Her Own Artwork

Yevgeniya Mikhailik will receive an Emerging Artist Award this month from Arts OC, the nonprofit county arts council.

Artist Stephen Anderson Uses Collage to Question and Challenge

“An advantage of collage is that I can start a project off of an idea quickly, often being inspired by an advertising slogan, then find support images.”

Photographer Jacques Garnier Finds Beauty Where People Don’t See It

Photographer Jaques Garnier finds beauty in the ordinary and his meticulous photographs brim with a philosophical subtext. See his work this month at the Great Park.