X Marks the Spot! Brewery Finally Opens in Anaheim

Photo credit: Charlie Perez

I think I can speak for many of us beer enthusiasts and/or industry folk … IT IS ABOUT DAMN TIME! Brewery X will finally officially open this weekend, just in time for National Beer Lovers Day. Located in a giant building off La Palma Avenue in Anaheim (add one more to the La Palma Beer Trail), Brewery X bursts to life for our beer-drinking pleasure.

Trevor Walls, with a brewing past with The Bruery, Pizza Port San Clemente, and RIIP as well as a brewing education in Germany, has waited a long time for this. “I’m so relieved to finally be able to show this to everyone,” he said.

Photo credit: Charlie Perez


Walls will take the role of director of brewing operations for Brewery X and has surrounded himself with a great team. Kyle Giannuzzi, formally of The Bruery, plant manager, will take care of all things engineering. Steven Hicks of Karl Strauss fame, head technical brewer, and Jon Siemens, formally of Noble Ale Works and Monkish, head production brewer, will show off their talents alongside Walls. Front of house is led Kellye Moore, taproom manager, and her team is eager to pour you a beer.

Speaking of the taproom, it may be a bit cozy, but it has personality. The outdoor biergarten is beautiful! There is a play area for the little ones, a doggie run for when nature calls, plenty of shade and greenery, and misters attached to fans. The only minor criticism I have are the noise level and size of the tasting room. Both are directly related and a product of how busy they are. Sound attenuation is lacking in the tasting room (the metal deck above may have something to do with it). But with the size and amount of people enjoying the beer, it’s no wonder there is plenty of noise.

Photo credit: Charlie Perez

(Can you tell I’m looking for something to point at for criticism?). A planned Phase 2 will see a larger indoor biergarten-like setting, where there is a large empty space past the tasting room. This will help with spillover and double the size of the taproom. Hopefully this comes to fruition–fingers crossed.

The beers? Oh. my, the beers. Remarkable, clean, tasty, and … (insert any other positive word here). I’m clearly speechless at how wonderful the beers are. A crisp and malty Helles or Festbier can transport you to a Bavarian beer hall with one sip. Refreshing West Coast Kolsch (a Kolsch with some added Noble hop aroma and bite) puts some American flair on a northern German classic. The flavorful porter is malty and full of dark, earthy notes. Sharp and snappy IPAs to wake up your senses. An eye-opening nectarine hard seltzer. Yes, they brew hard seltzers, and they are great!

I have confidence they will not only continue to produce great beer but will get even better over time. Only breweries like TAPS, Green Cheek, Tustin, and Docent (and a few others) have earned that level of confidence from me.

The massive space is only about 20 percent used up with brewing equipment and a cold box. Both are ready to expand upon, as well as a large portion of the warehouse allocated for a future restaurant. More patience is needed. You can almost hear a “thank you for your patience.” Well, what better way to thank us than with incredible beer. Good beers are worth waiting for!

“X” marks the spot. Cheers!

Photo credit: Charlie Perez


Brewery X
3191 E. La Palma Ave.

Editor’s note: Charlie Perez is an Advanced Cicerone® who covers the Orange County beer scene for the Booze Blog.

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