A Worthy Wine Hangover

I celebrated a wee bit much last night. I was not tasting a vertical of aged fine wines at a private cellar dinner. I was guzzling sparkling wine out of a pink plastic cup in a parking lot at the Forum. And it was heaven on earth. Ever since my own little monsters were able to carry a tune, they’ve loved Lady Gaga’s music and message. So, the opportunity to see her live in concert has had us excited for months.

I’m not new to the tailgate game. I’ve been to many a big game and concert. I expertly packed fun snacks, loads of water, and the kids’ favorite sodas in addition to a menagerie of adult beverage choices. I was concerned about the 405 traffic trek to the Forum, so didn’t have time to shop for a special bottle of bubbles at the wine store. While buying snacks at the grocery store, I avoided the Cooks and Korbel and bought a $12 bottle of Pol Clément Cremant de Loire Brut and chucked some ice on it in the cooler. After an early dinner of pre-game steaks and burgers, we pulled into the Forum while the sun was still warm and set up our temporary concert encampment. With a glug of sparkling wine in my cup, feet up on the trunk of the car, we chatted, toasted, and relished the people-watching. My sparkling wine of chenin blanc and chardonnay was going down the hatch fast—in fact, the bottle was caput.   Happily, it was concert time. I had my bubble buzz on and was ready to boogie!

Many hours later, we were back in Orange County and nestled in our beds. My encroaching headache reminded me I didn’t do all the responsible tactics to avoid a hangover—like drink any of the water I packed, or drink slowly for that matter. Instead, I let my mom-guard down and partied, laughed, danced, and sang my heart out. This morning, we’re still wearing our new Lady Gaga concert t-shirts, though we all look worse for the wear. I know we’ll keep them on all day not wanting to lose the vibe of our special night. I tend to always feel a bit guilty when I have a hangover, but not so much this time. The sparkling wine eroded my life stresses for a few hours. Along with the Pol Clément, I savored every moment of the carefree fun we had. Or as my youngest daughter aptly said, “Mom, I think I’ll remember all of us hanging out together more than anything.”

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