Wine Shopping in Slippers

Post-Thanksgiving is time to restock my wine supply. The thought of going to any store during the shopping frenzy makes me bristle, so I’m going to do some wine restocking from my couch—with wine in hand.

Online wine buying has become a mastered craft for wine stores over the past two decades. Our timing is ripe as many will participate in Cyber Monday pricing and promotions. Online wine e-tailers are experts in ensuring your wine arrives in tact, within the confines of the utterly confusing alcohol laws in each state, and that your wine isn’t crossing the country in freezing and/or boiling temperatures.

Though we have amazing wine stores in Orange County, sometimes we just don’t have the time, nor the inkling to leave our slippers. But these two Orange County-based specialty wine stores have a full online wine shop in addition to their brick-and-mortar store:

Hi-Time Wine Cellars
This OC institution offers great shipping options, such as local delivery via the Drizly app, and flat-rate shipping to California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Wine Exchange
They’ll ship your wine in chilled containers, if you so choose. You can receive same-day delivery within Orange County, via Post-Mates. Look for their Cy-“Bordeaux” Monday specials.

These specialty shops aren’t headquartered in Orange County, but are renowned and trusted wine e-tailers:

Italian Wine Merchants

Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

K&L Wine Merchants

JJ Buckley
You can also order wine from chains like Total Wine,, BevMo, and even Amazon Wine. But I’m a believer in supporting the artisan wine shop, where the craft of wine is a passion—not the volume of sales. If it weren’t for specialty shops, whether online or in-store, we’d all still be drinking Paul Mason and Franzia. So, with fuzzy slippers on and a glass of Marie Hanze Champagne in hand, I’m restocking my bare wine fridge with great wines sourced from across the globe.





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