Wine Gifts that Charm

Clearly, my friends and family are in tune with my wine passion as I’ve received many wine gifts throughout the years. From towels and charms to aerators and artful bottle tops, I’ve acquired it all. I’m not much of a gadget or trinket girl, which is often the common thread of wine gifts, so I don’t use these things as often as I should. But I do tend to brighten up for gifts that pull the heartstrings, or liven my senses like these two favorite choices.

Kelly + Jones Wine Fragrance
These incredible fragrances by Kelly + Jones are the wines notes from the nose of your wine glass, paired with the beautiful essence of a perfect perfume or cologne. I don’t wear much perfume as it’s a no-no with wine, and it usually gives me a headache. But these fragrance notes are clean and pure and everything you love about wine and perfume. The Reserve Collection, featuring Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Merlot lends itself to a female audience, while the Earth fragrance from the Blends Collection, is a bestseller for men. I’ve been a fan of the brand for years and prefer the roller balls. The new Wine Cabin Candle sounds perfect for this mountain girl, too, with its notes of upstate pine, wood fire, copal, moss, and frankincense, for $25. I picture myself next to a roaring fire after a day of skiing. Fragrance prices range from $25 to $75 and you can even order samples for just $6. Check out the holiday gift sets, too. At OC Perfumes in Santa Ana, or visit

“Wine Dogs” and “Wine Cats”
I’m a sucker for all things cats and dogs. The popular “Wine Dogs” coffee table books and calendars are so fun and heartwarming, featuring the dogs of vineyards around the globe. It truly seems that every farmer, vineyard crew, or tasting room has its four-legged furry friend, tail a-wagging. I sometimes spend more time petting the tasting room dog than listening to the tech sheet details of the pour in my glass. And it’s canny how the wine dog so often resembles the brand and personality of the wine itself. Recently in a tasting room, I saw the book, “Wine Cats,” by the same authors and photographers—Susan Elliott and Craig McGill—and was giddy (OK, so my cat’s name is Vino). The multitude of personalities and behaviors of cats are perfectly evident in the photos taken of them among the vines and barrels. The books are sold in many of the tasting rooms where the animals photographed for them reside. Or you can find them at



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