The Weighty Side of Drinking Wine

I’ve been wrestling with a weighty wine issue.

Grapes are good for us, right? The resveratrol in red wine is known to benefit our hearts. The antioxidant nature of grape seeds helps exfoliate, detoxify, and polish our skin. And though I tend to take these proclamations with a grain of salt, I find comfort that some say my beloved wine is doing me good.

(Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

On the other hand, I am currently battling an extra 15 pounds of weight. So, though my heart may look fit and trim, my thighs do not. In attempt to shimmy down to a more palatable number, I have been tracking my food intake on the eMyfitnessPal app. A few friends in the same situation have given up drinking wine so they can lose weight. They’d rather eat their calories than drink them. If they do enjoy a glass, they diligently record their 125 calories for a 5-ounce glass of red wine. I don’t record my wine calories. If I did, I’d have none left in the bank for food. Some days I may have small tastes for work purposes and other days I may pour a few glasses to help feign patience during homework.

I don’t want to feel like I’m splurging because I enjoy a glass of red wine with my awesomely cooked dinner. Odds are good that the red wine is actually what makes my dinner taste awesomely good in the first place.

So, I said it – I am a MyFitnessPal cheater. I don’t track my wine, and I most certainly drink it. Wine didn’t make me gain weight. Chips did.

Here’s what wines I enjoyed this week, but didn’t record in MyFitnessPal:

  • Domaine Bousquet Grande Reserve Malbec 2013, Mendoza Argentina. About $20. I often find malbec too chewy for my taste, but once this Domaine Bousquet opens up, it’s a great pairing with our grilled burgers and veggie skewers.
  • Chateau Landonnet Bordeaux 2015. About $6. This white table wine from France is 70 percent sauvignon blanc and 30 percent semillon and helped me endure the recent heat wave. It was yummy with salad and fresh fruit.

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