Tuesday Calls for Tacos and Beer

Meet This Familiar Chef at Placentia’s Salt & Ash
Chef Cody Storts – Photo Salt & Ash

Like Julia Roberts character in the movie Runaway Bride, one might think chef Cody Storts will never settle into a long term kitchen relationship. From Hopscotch to Nieuport, Grits to Tempo, Salt & Ash seems like a fresh start for the cold-footed chef. Like many brewers and bartenders that bounce around the industry, I’m more than willing to follow the talent and try their new gig.

Here to check out Salt & Ash’s first taco Tuesday under the chef Cody era, there are el cheapo Mexican beers and plump street tacos for a mere two bucks a piece. They have a few craft beers on draft as well ($5-6), which Coronado Brewing’s Stupid Stout coming in at 10% ABV was stupidly delicious and satisfying. The roast barley character in the beer paired ridiculously well with the smokey chicken adobo, asada and super juicy carnitas tacos. The beer list could use a little O.C. beer love, but overall a nice spread of styles across the six taps.
Taco Tuesday Spread – Photo Salt & Ash

Owner Armando opened Salt & Ash with family a year ago, and was just talking about how to get a guy like Storts in his kitchen. “Just like that, the phone rang and here he is!” Although it seems a bit serendipitous, chef Cody is excited about the neighborhood spot. The restaurant feels like walking into a friend’s backyard, complete with a pull-string fence gate and fruit trees surrounding the patio tables. Inside is a small bar up front and deep dining area filled with large families, several couples, and of course a loud bunch of ladies laughing over beers in the back.

The menu has some serious hooks; everything from scallop aguachile to duck taquitos, prime New York strip steak to a legit asada plate. Aside from taco Tuesday, chef plans on doing daily specials to keep things interesting. Brunch is daily from 9 A.M. until 2 P.M., dinner service is from 5 P.M. until 10 P.M., closed on Mondays.

1390 N Kraemer Blvd, Placentia saltandash.com

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