Three New Year Beers to Drink in a Snuggie, the Infomercial

Don’t wait! Call now. Operators are standing by…

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 6.58.47 PMDo other websites leave you thirsty for more? (shrug and shake your head yes) Well, I’m Greg Nagel from and I’m here to show you there’s an easier way to find the newest and most interesting beers throughout the county: introducing this sleek new BoozeBlog! Break out your dusty Thighmaster and clap-on to some great beers that just popped up after the new year.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 7.07.52 PMMalt liquor twisty-caps got you in a foul mood? Try new craft malt liquor at Noble Ale Works! Their Six Four Impala malt liquor is great right out of a 32oz growler! Got scurvy? Try Six Four Impala mixed with OJ, as a good Brass Monkey is a great way to get some extra vitamin C in your new year’s diet. Head brewer Evan Price said of the beer, “we went to make a cream ale and the yeast never stopped, so we ended up with this 6.4% beer.” We suggest the Shamwow perfect for cleanup after Magic Bulleting some oranges.

But wait, there’s more…

Miss the 2014 Bottle Logic/Iron Fist collab beer Dr. Strangematter? Instead of building a time machine, you can get the new and improved Strangematter at Bottle Logic Brewing Company in Anaheim. Although labeled as an imperial saison, this updated release has a goose more carbonation and is very caramelized-honey forward. Taking a gentle hand with spice is something new for Bottle Logic, making this beer drink like a juicy Belgian-style Tripel. Bottles and pours are available at the tasting room, sorry, no growler or ch-ch-ch-Chia Pet fills.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 6.57.29 PMNeed something to pair with campfire-roasted Rocky Mountain Oysters? Look no further than The Bruery’s Chocolate Salty BBLs.  This huge imperial stout was aged in bourbon barrels with vanilla beans, cacao nibs and salt added “for extra succulence.” It just so happens that campfire-roasted Rocky Mountain Oysters are a suggested food pairing! As founder/CEO Patrick Rue is a Master Cicerone and self-professed master of salty BBLs, I think this pairing might be right for you! Available for pours in the tasting room while supplies last. Can be purchased in three easy payments of $2.33 plus tax. Shipping and handling not included. (note: a BBL is an abbreviation of “barrel” in the brewing world equal to about 31 gallons, in the Whiskey world, 52 gallons.)

Images via Instagram: @BottleLogicBrewing, @noblealeworks, and @theBruery

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