Three New Beers from O.C.’s Newest Breweries

If you’ve tried all the fall pumpkin beers and sang “Ein Prosit” at least 30 times this fall, you’re probably ready to shake the fake Halloween cobwebs off your beer game. When it comes to new, there’s nothing shinier and newer than three brand-new O.C. breweries, and three beers that are fresh as a farmers market.

Stereo Brewing in Placentia’s Blonde on Blonde

Stereo Brewing Co., Placentia // Open Since October 2016 // Beer: Blonde on Blonde Kölsche
Open less than a week, Stereo Brewing’s shiny yellow walls are as bright as its future. Owners Rick Smets (previously of Firestone Walker and Left Coast) and Amanda Pearce met at a Dylan concert and freaked out over their love for beer. On their grand opening last weekend, the German pale ale, Blonde on Blonde, rocked my Amadeus like 99 luft balloons out of 100. Sunny, crispy, hoppy, clean…simply stunning for a brewery’s opening beer.

Unsung Brewing Co., Anaheim // Open Since August 2016 // Beer: Citrique IPA
unsungEach beer at Unsung is themed after a superhero and their trio of hoppy beers sits comfortably in my hall of justice (my beer belly). Starting comic-book strong with Anthia IPA and Naturia Imperial IPA, Citrique swooped in recently to rescue my hop craving. “Her blood is yellow and consists of hyper-bioactive compounds that have transformed the chemistry of her entire cardiovascular and nervous systems,” says owner Michael Crea of Unsung. Citrique does something similar to me, filling me with loads of Citra lupulin power like popeye to spinach.

Chapman Crafted Head brewer Brian Thorson and Co-Owner Wil Dee

Chapman Crafted Beer, Orange // Open Since August 2016 // Beer: Personal Growth Pale Ale
The more I research and taste new beer, the less I seem to know, which makes trying something new exciting. Chapman’s beers seem to hit me in that scholarly-sense, where I want to sit silent and solve each like a Rubik’s cube. Personal Growth Pale Ale is like a textbook and finals are on Friday. Filled with a boatload of sexy hops, it sips like a subtle tropical jungle, where smacking bugs off your sunscreen-sprayed legs is part of the experience. Such a fun pale ale!


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