3 Great Craft Mocktails in O.C.

These bar experts infuse plenty of flavor into complex beverages with no booze.
Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Emily Delicce
Apple Tech Support, $8
The beverage consultant for Seabirds Kitchen South Coast Plaza (currently open for dine-in and takeout) built the cocktail menu with shrubs; that is, fruit or vegetable juices preserved with herbed vinegar and sugar. The result is a mocktail that is bright and earthy as well as healthy. Costa Mesa, 714-708-2166

Luis del Pozo
Tropic All Thunder, $10
Riffing on classics is what Gracias Madre’s (temporarily closed; reopening to be announced) bar manager likes to do with his mocktails. His Tropic All Thunder is based on a mai tai with pineapple, papaya, house-made vanilla syrup, and oat milk to give it the creamy texture of orgeat, the staple ingredient in the Hawaiian classic. Newport Beach, 949-386-8100

Steven Hayden
Lavender Lush, $9
The beverage director at Bronze Quail (closed until further notice) picks juniper, chamomile, and other botanicals from his backyard garden to make faux-gin and booze-free amaro. He then shakes or stirs them into a mosaic of refreshing flavors that matches the decadent menu. Fullerton, 714-635-9025

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