This Boozy Soft Serve Will Get You Through Summer

Beer soft serve at Radiant Beer Co, photograph by Greg Nagel

If you’ve ever forgotten about a beer in the freezer, you’ll know making beer ice cream isn’t an easy task. But with the right equipment, sorcery, and base beer, Radiant Beer Co. near Disneyland finally nailed the recipe.

“While experimenting, the most fun was seeing how different beers react in this format,” Manager Katie Boddy says. “We tried it with hazies and lagers, but the obvious choice is our pastry stouts.”

Sweet stout, often called dessert or pastry stout, is an extremely literal beer, often tasting like the candy bars or desserts it’s inspired by, but in liquid form.

Radiant has two on tap: a take on s’mores called So Much More with cocoa nibs, graham cracker, and marshmallow; and Pie of Life, a coconut cream pie-inspired beer with four kinds of vanilla beans, toasted and untoasted coconut, and a tasty graham cracker crust. Radiant releases one on soft serve per weekend, and I highly recommend getting the base beer on tap to sip alongside.

Photograph by Greg Nagel

What’s cool about the format is it takes a beer that’s rich, chewy, and decadent, and flips the stereo equalizer upside-down. The sweetness almost completely disappears, nutty notes seem to come out of nowhere, and cocoa shines like Italian chocolate gelato. Plus, the beers are around 9 percent alcohol and somehow they taste closer to 0 percent.

Some weekends, Radiant also produces slushies, which are making a comeback this month. “Look for pretty pink slushies coming soon—tasty fruity ambrosia and tropical flavors—plus others,” says Cambria Griffith, Radiant’s director of marketing.

Find Radiant Beer Company at 1566 Lincoln Ave., Anaheim //

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