The Wine Hunt: A Sparkling Wine That Dazzles

Ever glom onto a bottle of wine and become a bit “passionate” about locating more? I fondly call this The Hunt. The Wine Hunt today seems easy as we have Wine Searcher, wine e-retailers, and Google readily at hand. However, in my early wine years it took a more concerted effort. I would tear out the perforated back section of Wine Spectator anxiously shopping the aisles for any of the Best Buys on that month’s list.

My first memorable Wine Hunt was a Seaview Chardonnay from McLaren Vale, a Wine Spectator Best Buy for around $10. This Chardonnay struck a chord with me as I was transitioning from the Franzia White Zinfandel box to an eager palate ready to experience new – and tastier – wines. I spent hours on the phone making calls to stores and stopping in esoteric shops seeking more of my beloved Best Buy Aussie Chardonnay. My Wine Hunt became a full family project with everyone looking in their respective states. I had basically given up when I cajoled my husband on a whim to stop in a Glenwood Springs, CO tiny liquor store while passing through on a rugby road trip to Aspen. There – in the back of the dusty, dark store – I found a case of Seaview Chardonnay. I WON the Hunt beating all the other Seaview Hunters and purchased my very first full case of wine. And thus, began my love affair with The Wine Hunt.

It is interesting and great fun to trade wine experiences with friends, hunt down their recommended bottles, then circle back and share its worthiness of The Hunt.

For you fanatic sparkling wine lovers, Sunday mimosa tipplers, wedding planners, or dinner hosts – this wine is worthy of The Hunt and expressive enough for special occasions or a daily pour:

Saint-Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux Brut, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

– Typically priced $10-$18

– Gives you the experience of a non-vintage Champagne for a sliver of the price

– Light and crisp with aromatic flavors of green apple, pear, and a bit of peach with a wonderful, full, creamy texture

– Sourced from the oldest sparkling wine producing region on the planet with its start in 1531!

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