S’well Bottle Is Wine Lovers’ Perfect Companion for Summer

swell water bottle

Valory Reed

Memorial Day is the official launch of beaching, barbecuing, meeting up friends, and summer life on the go. Lucky for us in Orange County, this tends to be our year-round lifestyle! It can be tricky to pack and enjoy your wine when on the go. Glass bottles are cumbersome and there’s a fear they’ll break—when they’re even allowed. Another factor is the temperature fluctuation if the wine is stored in the car or sits in the sun. But, for the mom pouring wine into her Starbucks cup or the Dad dying for a Bordeaux by the fire pit at the beach, the S’well bottle is their new best friend.

My best friend sent me a S’well bottle about four years ago. This blue bottle is a staple in my packing for weekend scurrying. It perfectly holds a bottle of wine and keeps it chilled for 24 hours. It’s constructed from BPA-free, double-walled stainless steel, so you won’t taste chemicals or bottle funk in your wine. It’s available in super-fun designs, making it the perfect gift. For Mother’s Day, I sent my mom the Santorini bottle from the Textile Collection. She carefully read the instructions, noting to me how it keeps drinks hot for 12 hours. When I explained that her S’well holds a whole bottle of wine and is perfect for her outdoor concerts, she squealed in glee!

The bottles are $35 to $45 each and available online, or you can find them locally, including at Seed People’s Market at The Camp in Costa Mesa, and at Nordstrom stores.


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