Santa Ana’s Savor Is This Weekend

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Irenia’s Baguio Old Fashioned (near) and Petite Colada (far) are two tropical cocktail treats

If you’re the last remaining holdout who hasn’t experienced downtown Santa Ana’s culinary, beer, wine, and cocktail scene, this Friday is your chance to catch up on the past few seasons. Savor is back, which is basically like foodie trick-or-treating on a Friday night with adult beverages at many of the stops.

For $10, you sample five food and drink tastes at more than 40 stops, with petite cocktails from Diego’s Rock-n-Roll Bar & Eats, the Copper Door, and tangy Micheladas at Alta Baja. Local craft beer can be sampled at The Good Beer company and Native Son Cafe, and there’s wine tasting at Robbin’s Nest.

Although not all the places offer booze for Savor tickets, there are some fantastic cocktail stops on and off the Savor path. Irenia and Chapter One: The Modern Local will serve savory bites and have some of the best cocktails on the west end.

Irenia’s Mani (fresh roasted peanuts on the shell with muscovado vinegar, Philippine sea salt, and harissa) paired with the Petite Colada (corn whiskey, madeira, toasted coconut, pineapple, pandan, nutmeg) make for an especially nutty combo.  The Baguio Old Fashioned (bourbon, calamansi, house bitters) is also available off-menu, bursting with a tropical tiki old-fashioned-meets-whiskey-sour vibe. It’s so refreshing! Chapter One’s Moscow Mule, made with house ginger beer poured in a proper copper mug, is the perfect “hot night in Santa Ana” beverage, just a few steps away.

As a Savor veteran, I prefer purchasing tickets in advance and parking on the west end near Chapter One, then working east and back. One packet of tickets per person is plenty, as most in our group shares bites and moves as a cluster of eating and drinking goofballs. It’s seriously a good time! More tickets can be purchased near 4th Street Market at the promenade.

If you miss it, Savor happens randomly throughout the year. Sign up for the mailing list and like their facebook page!

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