How About a Round of Pub Golf Around Historic Orange?

Pub golf: A recreational pub crawl featuring 9 drinking holes, where you and your golf-attired mates visit a predetermined set of beer bars, have a drink and a bite, then move on. There are official rules to pub golf, which don’t necessary work with higher alcohol craft beers, so by all means, share pints among friends, or sip taster’s if offered. The goal is to have a great time while drinking some tasty beers!

Here’s my 9-hole course in historic Orange and a par rating for items to be sampled. Each player gets a stroke for each item consumed, and may get penalty shots for spillage or skipped holes.

Another brick in O.C.'s craft beer wall.
Another brick in O.C.’s craft beer wall, The Wall at Orange circle.

Hole 1: The Wall – Par 2: The newest beer bar in Orange is tucked away on the circle featuring self-pour wristband technology. A quick scan of your ID will import your height and weight, allowing you access to fifty taps of stellar import classics and local favorites. Sample some shareable bites that come in the form of international street food fare. Try their perfectly coated Korean-style Gochujang or Tikka Masala hot wings paired with a fresh Weihenstephaner Festbier.

Hole 2: Chapman Crafted Beer – Orange’s newest brewery is a par 1: grab a set of tasters of any beer named after the 80’s movie Better Off Dead with John Cusack. Read my review here!

Hole 3: Linx Artisan Sausage – Par 3: Split a dog four ways, some Belgian frites, and order a beer that is made in Orange (Valiant, Old Orange, or Chapman Crafted). If none are offered, yell “FORE!” and proceed to hole 4, marking a hole in one on your scorecard.

Hole 4: Paul’s Cocktails – Par 2: A dive bar on a game of pub golf is necessary, a Pauls is a high dive. Play pool while sipping the lightest American lager you can find, as you need to rehydrate, and also to remind yourself how good craft beer is.

Orange Coast August 2016 CoverHole 5: The Pizza Press – Par 2: Split “The Sun” pizza with your favorite IPA, like I recommended in the August 2016 issue!

Hole 6: Burger Parlor – Par 2: Split the lowest alcohol beer on the board with an order of onion rings, which are so crispy you’ll think they’re a table-top ring-toss game.

Hole 7: Provisions Market – Par 2: Order a wedge of La Tur cheese (or the funkiest bleu they have) and a flight of any Belgian-style beers on tap, the funkier the better!

Hole 8: Smoqued BBQ – Par 2: Smoked pork nachos anyone? Pair them with any local beer, which is all Smoqued has on tap, how cool is that?

Orange’s original craft beer stop: Haven Gastropub

Hole 9: Haven Gastropub – Par 3: At the place that started the craft beer craze in Orange seven years ago, your group is ready for one last flight of beers paired with my favorite thing ever, the Haven burger.

Google map of the course can be found here! Safe golfing!

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