The Best Affordable Rose Wines for Spring

Find them at various Orange County wine retailers

Photo by Valory Reed

Pink wine packs a delicious punch beyond its pretty appearance. The color doesn’t mean it tastes sweet and sticky like cotton candy. My mom still believes all pink wine tastes like what came from her trusty Franzia box, recalling a staple in our fridge back in the ’90s. If only she knew how quaffable these lovely rose wines can be. Their beautiful hue makes them a perfect match for your spring So Cal garden lounging, or dining al fresco.
Rose wines are made from a wide variety of grapes and in many styles, including still to sparkling, and sweet to bone dry, making them perfect for all palates. The 2015 vintages are hitting shelves now, mostly in Orange County’s wine specialty stores. Look carefully at the labels when buying in the larger chains and grocery stores because they may be working through their remaining (I found a 2011!) stock. These older vintages of rose won’t be as fresh and bright as the newly arrived 2015s.
I love rose with brunch, sushi, turkey, and Thai—you name it, it works. My current habit is to wash down salty chips and fresh spicy salsa with a crisp, dry glass of rose. I drink it often, and I don’t typically spend more than $15 for a bottle. Here are a few of my affordable rose favorites for 2015, which I bought from a mix of Orange County retailers including BevMo, Costco, Wine Exchange, and Hi-Time Wine Cellars.

Bieler Pere & Fils, Cuvee Sabine, 2015
Gerard Bertrand Cote des Roses, 2015
LaFage Miraflors, 2015
Villa des Anges, 2015
Vin de Provence AIX, 2015




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