Wineworks For Everyone and Dublin 4 Gastropub Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Authentically

I get so excited for St. Patrick’s Day. I must be a wee bit Irish given my penchant for drinking and obsession with potatoes. A big glitch with my St. Patrick’s Day fervor is my distaste for Guinness and whiskey. Yes, I know how lame that sounds. But to me Guinness tastes like the murky waters of southern Idaho’s Snake River, and whiskey tends to fry my esophagus. I love Irish food and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, but would rather have wine in my glass. The perfect solution—Dublin 4 Gastropub and sister restaurant Wineworks for Everyone in Mission Viejo. I am utterly captivated by the decor and love the heart put into the wine and food menu.

I phoned Dublin 4 to see about specials for St. Patrick’s Day. Owner Darren Coyle chuckled at my inquiry. Though polite, it was evident he was thinking, “You idiot.” Darren and his wife, Jean, who are Irish, opened Dublin 4 Gastropub’s doors on St. Patrick’s Day in 2012. So of course they have some plans for the day. For example, Coyle says the corned beef has been curing in house for 10 days for Saturday’s special corned beef and cabbage. When I noted I couldn’t find the wine menu online, Coyle replied, “Well, we change it every week to 10 days. Ali is out right now securing the special wines to celebrate our Irish heritage this Saturday.”  The Coyles’ daughter, Ali, is the sommelier.  And just like Dublin 4’s and Winework’s dedication to showcasing fresh ingredients, the wine menu is on constant rotation. Wineworks hosts an impressive slate of wine tastings throughout the year, and the in-restaurant bottle shop is a must visit.

 Doors open at 11 a.m. on St. Patrick’s Day, with lunch starting at 11:30. Dublin 4 and Wineworks “become one” for the day, according to Doyle. Though there are more than 400 reservations on the books for dinner, spots are open specifically at Wineworks (perfect!) between 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. You never know when a cancellation will arise opening a seat for dinner. Stop in to the wine retail shop to grab a bottle for home enjoyment. While browsing the wines, sip on “Darren’s Dublin 4 Irish Coffee” with these noted authentic ingredients: cream – rich as in Irish brogue, coffee – strong as a friendly hand, sugar – sweet as the tongue of an Irish rogue, whiskey – smooth as the wit of the land.

If you are seeking a tried and true St. Patrick’s Day experience, the Coyle’s restaurants are the real Irish deal. Coyle even quoted Oscar Wilde during our phone conversation. If you want upscale pub food and a frothy Guinness, or spirited cocktail, Dublin 4 Gastropub is it. If you want a thoughtfully curated glass of wine and exquisite cuisine, Wineworks for Everyone is it. Best yet, Dublin 4 and Wineworks are “one” this St. Patrick’s Day, just like the overflowing hearts of this talented Irish family.

26342 Oso Parkway, Mission Viejo


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