Four Important Tips For Properly Aging Wine

Drinking a perfectly aged wine is an incredible experience; on the same note, drinking an old wine that has been aged in less-than-desirable conditions can be a huge disappointment. Taking the time to find the right location for your treasured bottles is imperative for long-term aging. Cellaring wine doesn’t have to be an expensive investment—with the right conditions, your wine can age perfectly with little cost. Every home has an ideal location hidden away from the elements ruining your wine. Below are a few simple points to keep in mind when looking for the perfect place to stash your favorite bottles for the long run.

• The ideal temperature to age wine is around 55 °F. This temperature should remain consistent; wide temperature fluctuations can result in wines spoiling over a prolonged period of time.

• Light negatively affects your wine. Keeping wine away from direct light ensures that precious aromas and qualities don’t dissipate. Having your cellar in a dark location is preferable for long-term aging.

• Try moving your wine as little as possible. As crazy as it sounds, vibrations from the floor and constantly moving your beloved bottles actually accelerate the aging process.

• Having the right humidity is a balancing act. If your wine cellar humidity is too high, you risk a mold infestation and damp labels. Too low, your cork can dry up, allowing oxygen into your wine leading to premature oxidization. Although the recommended humidity level is debatable, I believe keeping a cellar at a constant 75% humidity is ideal.

Looking for a perfectly peaceful, dark and cool location away from home to store your wine in Orange County? Legend Cellars, Wine Cellar Club and San Juan Capistrano Wine Cellars all offer cellar space for rent in our neighborhood. These are great places to not only age wine but to meet like-minded vinophiles as well.

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