The Prince of Pinot

Untitled1It wasn’t until I started to write for Orange Coast magazine that I became aware of the “Prince of Pinot.” The prince’s real name is William “Rusty” Gaffney and he, like all great men, loves pinot noir. Rusty in fact has created one of the greatest wine blogs dedicated to this special varietal. It’s called “The Prince of Pinot” and it offers tasting notes on just about everything related to pinot noir. It seems to me that every time I discover a new pinot I’ve not had an opportunity to taste, Rusty has already tried it and written about it. It happened to me three times this year, the last—just this week—when I realized Rochioli is now making a sparkling wine.

Below is information on the latest wine from the Rochioli Winery, accompanied by Rusty’s beautiful tasting notes.

Rochioli – Blanc de Noir, Brut Sparkling Wine 2011
One of the most sought-after pinot noir producers from Sonoma’s Russian River Valley is now making sparkling wine! It’s made exclusively from the pinot noir grape and crafted in the traditional Champagne style. Keep an eye out for this rare gem. Currently it’s sold out at the winery. But don’t worry, with every New Year comes a new opportunity for the day the allocation gods bless us. If you haven’t signed up for “The List” with Rochioli Vineyards to acquire their wines, you can do so here.


A superb sparkling wine with a fine bead, a thoroughly dry and refreshing palate, and a clean, refreshing finish that mixes citrus and berry notes.” *The Prince of Pinot

Thank you Rusty for your contribution to the wine community, your passion is infectious and inspiring. Follow this link to learn more about the “The Prince of Pinot.”




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