Highlights From Bottle Logic’s Second Anniversary

Five memorable beers from my week in the barrel room
War and Peach’s “summery peach pie on the nose”

I’ve been stuck at Anaheim’s Bottle Logic for a full seven days, enjoying Bottle Logic Brewing’s anniversary Week of Logic, literally trying all the beers. Here’s a little reflection on the top five beers I had during the week. Some are still on tap this week, and worth a visit … and hey, no lines!

  1. War and Peach (Fruited wheat beer with habanero) Ripe and summery peach pie on the nose with no hint of the burn that’s about to come. Five seconds after the first sip, the habanero hits, clearing your sinuses for more peach aroma. It’s  a vicious cycle that even Leo Tolstoy would enjoy.
  2. GNAG0102
    Fundamental Observation and space growler—both out of this world

    Fundamental Observation 2016 (Bourbon barrel-aged vanilla stout) “FO,” as it’s called, is one of the most hyped beers O.C. has seen since The Bruery’s Black Tuesday. All that matters is that it lives up to the hype. The blending session for the next bottle release is happening late spring. Stay tuned!

  3. Leche Borracho (Barrel-aged Mexican molé milk stout) Great tequila barrel-aged beers are rare in the craft beer world, but Leche Borracho uses a rare dual-spirit wood spicing treatment (tequila/bourbon). The tequila barrel offers a spicy spirit, and the oak  plays a smaller role to the big beer, which ends up being goosebump-inducing experience. Also surprising is the low 9.5 percent ABV for a barrel-aged beer; it tastes much bigger than it is.
  4.  Some Assembly Required (Barrel-aged saison) At 8.5 percent, this bright and summery saison tastes like a sunset of french oak, citrus, tropical fruit, and funk. Bottles were distributed, so pick one up and try it.
  5. Brett Prince (Barrel-aged saison) I’m a huge fan of Tattered Prince, Bottle Logic’s spiced saison, but after a year in the barrel with various brettanomyces strains, almost all of the spices fell out, leaving behind a gorgeous light-body saison with a firm oak character. My only complaint about this beer is it’s too drinkable and almost chugworthy!

    Bottle Logic’s Brandon Buckner

    Photos by Greg Nagel

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