Orange County Wins Most Ever Medals at World Beer Cup 2018

Beachwood Co-Owner Julian Shrago and wife Fauna Photos © Brewers Association

Back in 1996 when the Brewers Association started the World Beer Cup, Orange County had one brewery and only a couple brewpubs in planning. Twenty-two years later, we have over thirty-five with eight more breweries in planning. But just as we’re growing, so is the rest of the world. In the last ten years, World Beer Cup contest entries went from 2,864 in 2008 to over 8,200 beers from 166 countries, making a win even sweeter.

Orange County continued its IPA dominance, with Green Cheek nabbing its first medal (silver) for Radiant Beauty and Noble grabbing a gold for Nobility Imperial IPA. Beachwood won the most with four medals, two coming from their Huntington Beach location and two from the brewpub in Long Beach. Here’s the beers you should be seeking out this year!

2018 Results:


  • Coffee Stout or Porter: Portola Breakfast Stout, Tustin Brewing
  • Wood and Barrel Aged Sour Beer: Train to Beersel, Bruery Terreux
  • Imperial IPA: Nobility, Noble Ale Works


  • Field Beer: 74 entries The Patsy, Barley Forge
  • Coffee Beer: Pablo Escobeer, Beachwood BBQ & Brewing
  • Coffee Stout or Porter: Mocha Machine, Beachwood Brewing
  • Sweet Stout/Cream stout: Udder Love, Beachwood Brewing
  • American-Style Pale Ale: Double Nickles, Docent Brewing (182 entries)
  • American-style IPA: Radiant Beauty, Green Cheek (377 entries)


  • American Wheat: Clutches Wheat, Tustin Brewing (1st beer called)
  • Chili Beer: Heat of the Night, Hoparazzi Brewing
  • Berliner-style Weiss: Raspberry Ricky, Brewery Rex (Fullerton)
  • American Black Ale: Hoppa Emeritus, Beachwood BBQ & Brewing
  • American Style Imperial Stout: HoliDAVE, Artifex Brewing



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