One Beer, All Fifty States For American Craft Beer Week

TAPS is honored by Charlie Papazian (left), the founder of the Brewer’s Association and past organizer of American Craft Beer Week at GABF 2015.

When the Belgian behemoth Anheuser Busch InBev decided to temporarily name Bud “America” over the summer, little guy Craft Beer came out swingin’ for American Craft Beer Week. Brewers in all 50 states have banded together to all brew the same beer, with the same ingredients, to be released for a nationwide toast on May 19.

Currently, there are more than 4,400 small and independent craft breweries in the U.S.; California leading the pack with more than 600. Orange County has just over 35, two of which are participating in the nationwide brew, Anaheim Brewery and TAPS Fish House & Brewery.

The beer, a big Brown Porter, is surprisingly British in origin using Golden Promise Malt, Fuggles hops and Irish Ale yeast, yet is firmly twisted in American tradition using the finest 2-Row base malt, no doubt the same “amber waves of grain” sung about in the song “America the Beautiful.” I have yet to sample the beer, but looking at the homebrew recipe, it’s sure to be dark brown in color, creamy from the addition of oats, and rich with chocolate, toffee and caramel notes, and just a kiss of bacon-like smokiness on the finish.

Thursday night, put on your finest American flag shirt and head down to either TAPS Brea or Anaheim Brewery for a proper pint, and be sure to check the official American Craft Beer Week event list, because: America!


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