Not Enjoying a Dry-January? Try This Latest Mocktail Bar Popup

N.A. Cocktails done right at Temperance Bar. Photo by Brian Feinzimer


Some do Sober-October, some do No-Drink November. But after the holidays, the post-party parade left my mid-section a bit thick and the wallet a bit thin, so I guess it’s time for Dryanuary.

As someone who writes about booze professionally, quitting alcohol for a month may sound like I might need a restraining order, an ankle bracelet, and a ballgag to be successful, but I actually welcome this yearly tradition as a chance to reset, not only physically, but mentally. Nothing makes you fall in love with something more than when you miss it, right?

Media mavens and Temperance co-founders, Charisma Madarang and Corky Nepomuceno. Photo by Brian Feinzimer


Thankfully, there’s a new fad led by the craft cocktail movement: N.A. cocktails. I’m not talking your average Roy Rogers or Shirley Temple, these are farmers market juices, shrubs, and spices prepared to mock a proper cocktail, sans the booze, but with all the flair and flavor of their sailor sisters.

“Think yuzu matcha sour, golden milk cocktails, hibiscus tiki drinks, and even a mulled-wine dupe,” notes Temperance Bar popup co-founder Corky Nepomuceno of Fullerton.

Garnished with the sign language word for “friend.” Photo by Brian Feinzimer


Temperance will collaborate with some of the areas best bartenders when it pops up the third Friday of the month at Rialto Cafe, 6 p.m. to midnight. The first run, happening on Jan. 17, will feature Abbie Kermode from Haven Craft Kitchen + Bar in Orange, ARC Food & Libations in Costa Mesa, as well as Blinking Owl’s bright and shiny startender Rachel Keeney. Mixing up the drinks is Paul Joseph Piane (Best Bartender, Golden Foodies 2016), and each night will feature a guest chef; Cody Storts, previously of Wreckless in Fullerton, being there on opening night.

The majority of the ‘tails are $9, “and $11 for the super special ones,” notes Corky.

The bar will offer Downtown Fullerton a solid option to go to if you’re not a drinker, doing a month-long sober binge, or if you’re rounding out the night and just want to let off the gas a little.

Photo by Brian Feinzimer


Charisma Madarang and Nepomuceno, who founded the project, aren’t exactly against booze; they just wanted something different.

“We’re not sober ourselves; we still have a cocktail or two socially,” says Corky. “I personally need to limit my intake due to medication, and Charisma, my co-founder, likes the option of being able to go somewhere where she can still hang after a couple of drinks but not have to worry about being unproductive the next day with a hangover.”

Temperance Bar is 6 p.m. to midnight on the third Friday of the month at Rialto Cafe, 104 W. Wilshire Ave., Fullerton, 213-222-6759.

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