Celebrating New Year’s With These 10 Suggested Bubblies

poema-cavaIf it were socially acceptable, or feasibly possible—I’d drink Champagne every day. I’d brush my teeth with it. I’d sip it in the school drop-off lane. I’d toast before soccer matches. So, when there’s a true day to celebrate with sparkling abandon—like New Year’s Eve—I’m ALL IN!

Not all bubbly hails from the Champagne region of France and not all dons a yellow label. Though I drink bubbles from across the globe throughout the year, New Year’s Eve is like I’m on the sparkling wine Concorde. I plan to pop a bottle not long after rising and keep it flowing in hopes of seeing midnight. I have super cool Simon Pearce flutes, the glass-blower and designer from Vermont, which boost my bubbly feeling as I say goodbye to 2016 and set the stage for 2017.

New Year’s Eve morning Early on, we’ll snack on cinnamon rolls and coffee paired with English Premier League Soccer. About 10 a.m., I’ll shuffle to the wine fridge in my Chewbacca slippers for the day’s first pop of bubbles to enjoy with our made-to-order omelets, sausage, sourdough toast, cantaloupe, and, always, bacon.

* Poema Brut Cava – $15/Spain

* Argyle Brut Willamette Valley – $20/Oregon

New Year’s Eve midday With no intention of getting out of our jammies, we’ll have all of our TVs on, in the pursuit of football and holidays movies. I predict the “Mom, I’m hungry!” holler around 2 p.m. I’ll bark from my chair to my youngest, whom I call Little Chef a la the movie “Ratatouille,” to prep us a charcuterie tray … and make some popcorn.

* Chateau Soucherie Cremant de Loire Rose 2014 – $20/France

* Adriano Adami Garbel Prosecco Treviso Brut – $18/Italy

New Year’s Eve dinner Our tradition is to dine on my New England clam chowder with the traditional excessive amounts of bacon in it. We’ll ladle it into fresh bread bowls knowing full well we’ll be in a food coma in about 30 minutes. We’ll crack some sparkling cider for the girls and hark back on the highs and challenges of our year 2016.

* Recaredo Brut Nature Gran Reserva Terrors 2009 – $28/Spain

* Ferrari Brut Rose Trento – $25/Italy

New Year’s Eve Countdown Time to don the party hats, bust out the noisemakers, and speed channel-surf between the painful New Year’s Eve shows. Typically, my husband and oldest will nod off for a bit around 10:30, while the Little Chef and I snack on chocolate and licorice, and rock out.

* Juve Y Camps Cava Brut Rose – $15/Spain

* Schramsberg Brut Blanc de Blancs – $30/California

Strike of Midnight—Happy 2017! We’re all still awake, albeit for 20 minute or so!! Our cheers and the neighbor’s fireworks have sent the cat running for cover under the bed.

* Veuve Fourny Brut 1er Cru Grande Reserve – $35/France

* Cedric Bouchard Roses de Jean Blanc de Noir Cote de Bechalin 2007 – $90/France



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