Meet the Brewer: Rebecca Harrison from The Bruery in Placentia

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

When drinking a beer, the furthest thing from your mind might be in what patch of land the two-row barley was grown or in which part of the world the giant green hop vines were rooted. But Rebecca Harrison from The Bruery has experience working in hop fields in the Pacific Northwest and knows the process of making beer from the ground up.

“When I turned 21, my college roommate brought home a proper beer tasting and said, ‘You’re going to learn the right way!’ I honestly had never really drank before then, so I started off on the right foot! Ever since then, I’ve been in love with craft beer.”

“I have a background in soil, crop science, and farming, and did my internship at Yakima Chief Hops in Washington, where they do everything: sales, marketing, hop-breeding, growing, and processing. I love physical work, yet it’s draining being out in the sun all day.”

“What blew me away about working (with hops) is how refined my sense of smell got. It really trained me about the aromatics, the different alpha and beta acids,
and knowing how it will show itself in a beer.”

“When I first started at The Bruery, it was all about cleaning tanks, which was great for my experience. Cleaning is foundational to making great beer. You can’t make good beer without knowing how to clean first.”

“We’ve been making the Ruekeller Helles, which is so good. We also do Royal Street Sweets, which is a bananas Foster-inspired beer. We use banana juice concentrate, and it’s got this really big banana character.”

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