The Magnificent Seven Cocktails at 370 Common in Laguna

The Ju Ju Queen, 370 Common, Photos and Story, Greg Nagel

When I was in sixth grade, I brought my new favorite album to show and tell: The Clash, Combat Rock. I was that gangly punk rock kid with a skateboard in the back of the class, and Ms. Schmidt, my blonde bombshell teacher (that I had a crush on) thought I was nuts. At my twenty-year reunion, a friend asked if I still liked The Clash…” as a matter of fact, I happen to have Combat Rock in my car stereo right now.” Some things never get old.

Continuing my Laguna Beach cocktail coverage from last week, picture me flying down PCH with my car windows open, inhaling the sea as I whale wildly to London Calling. Nothing can wreck that mood, not even the lady that lightly grazed my front bumper while waiting to get into a parking space. “No worries!” I say, pulling into the lot across from 370 Common, the next stop on my Laguna adventure.

The Rebel Waltz, 370 Common

Happy hour beckons from their sturdy bar, joining two older gentlemen sipping rye Old Fashioneds. Just then, the cocktail list hit me like a bunch of rocks hitting a casbah…” these drinks are all named after Clash songs!” After my complete freakout, I ask Chef Ryan Adams what’s up with that…”I’m a huge music nerd and fan of them!” he says, gesticulating his tattooed arms. “I once met Joe Strummer and hung out for a little bit,” he continued. Inside I’m squealing like a girl at a concert, and nod jealously.

370 Common’s barman Tyler gets a Ju Ju Queen shaking for me, which is a nod to an S&M-fueled song song Joe Strummer produced for Janie Jones called House of the Ju Ju Queen. The drink is zippy and pink with house-made plum puree, and no doubt refreshing after a delicate Janie Jones flogging.

The Rebel Waltz is my second cocktail of choice, which is one of the only Clash songs played in three-quarter time. “Do you shake the drink in three-quarter time as well?” I ask Tyler as he adds his house-made tincture of lavender from an eye-dropper. “Nah, but this drink will likely stay on our menu full time once we switch it up late October,” he replies, popping the top on his Boston shaker. Although completely delicious, I’m surprised the drink doesn’t employ mescal, as the song “Rebel Waltz” describes campfires and smoke.

Spanish Bombs, 370 Common

Finishing strong, Spanish Bombs were dropped in my glass, a drink that is not for the faint of heart. Ghost chili tequila, pineapple, cilantro, citrus, agave, and tajin. If you love spice, this is up there in scoville units and drinks like a tequila zombie. This might be my favorite of the three, however, this is definitely something you can only have one of, as it can completely carpet-bomb your taste buds.

The other four drinks will likely be on through early fall, so stop in quick to get your Clash fix!

370 Common is located at 370 Glenneyre St., Laguna Beach //

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