Just Act Natural Event Highlights Artisan Wines at Wineworks for Everyone

Turn just one block off I-5 in south Orange County and you’re transported into the European modern flair of Wineworks for Everyone restaurant and wine shop in Mission Viejo.

Wineworks is the essence of cool, chic, and fun. Deemed the best wine shop a few years ago and noted for its outstanding wine service, the Wineworks viewpoint has sharpened even finer as you’ll see in its Instagram feed, @wineworksforeveryone. Wine director Ali Coyle has a distinct, thoughtful wine palate showcased in her personal tastings while curating for the restaurant and in the events she plans.

Coyle’s first event of 2019 is Just Act Natural, a natural wine tasting from 6-9 p.m. March 6, featuring the wines of Amy Atwood Selections. A perusal of Atwood’s portfolio showcases a quick “who’s who” of renowned small production, environmentally friendly wineries such as Wilde Farm, Donkey & Goat, Cruse Wine Co., and Holden Wine.

Natural wines can run the gamut of minimal intervention, from pesticide-free to biodynamic farming and native yeasts. Natural wines focus on Mother Nature’s art of the natural wine production sans a heavy hand. Given my own personal choice for organic foods, natural cleaners, and a small footprint, these wine values speak to me. Granted, I’ve had some very funky and weird organic wines. However, given the quality of the Atwood small-production clientele, you’ll experience quality pours and interesting, correlating stories. Sommelier Anna Estrada and Amy Atwood Selections will be on hand to explain the producers’ point of view and their distinct pours.

This is a very cool way to spend a Wednesday night for just $25. I like that the event isn’t a rushed hour-long tasting, but a relaxed several hours to truly experience the variety of natural wines and engage with Estrada and Coyle. If I were you, I’d slip in early for the grilled flatbread and brie fondue and a glass of Cruse sparkling wine to brighten your palate.

Just Act Natural, $25
6-9 p.m. March 6

Wineworks for Everyone
26342 Oso Parkway
Mission Viejo

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