Vote on Your Favorite IPA For #IPADay!

GNAG1341With more than 25 breweries in Orange County making IPA, everyone is sure to have a local favorite. On IPA Day, happening Thursday, Aug. 4, run down to a local brewery, grab a glass of something hoppy, then shout at the top of your lungs, “IT’S IPA DAY, YOU GUYS!” then take a few gulps and belch some hops at someone you love, because hops = love.

What makes India Pale Ale special and why is it so popular? While it’s only my opinion, things that are highly aromatic, such as IPA, coffee, the smell of cash, or the sizzling smell of bacon cooking do something special for our sense of smell. Scent memories are the strongest, and perhaps the smell of a hoppy IPA can conjure thoughts of great times hanging out with friends, or the simple act of relaxation.

Does O.C. have the world’s best IPA? Indeed, this is no exaggeration. Anaheim’s Noble Ale Works won gold at the World Beer Cup back in May; a competition with 250 judges from 31 countries. IPA was the most popular style, with 275 entries judged.

Going back to my scent memory theory, you may have your local favorite…so what is it? Vote, and let us know why you think it’s the best in the comments! [polldaddy poll=”9489357″]



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