Holiday Beers Return to Phoenix Club for Annual BrewHoHo!

Photo credit: Charlie Perez


The year is coming to an end, and the popular winter holiday is almost here. The smell of gingerbread, warmth of a burning yule log, aromas of spice and pine from a dying evergreen in the living room, and holiday-themed beers. Time to chill out with some holiday cheer and, of course, beer this Saturday at the eighth annual BrewHoHo.

Courtesy of BrewHaHa Productions

The famous Phoenix Club in Anaheim will once again host the BrewHoHo. As is the norm now with these festivals, there are live music acts. Not to be confused with the Metal and Beer Festival at The Observatory in a couple of weekends (although, I do love me some metal!). This year, the sounds of Elton – The Early Years (a tribute to Elton John) and Twisted Gypsy (a tribute to Fleetwood Mac) will entertain us. A toy drive will be active to help our local kids have a special holiday, pictures with Santa, and unlimited 2-ounce tastings.

The aspect of the festival I look forward to is getting to spend time with some of my closest friends, smoking a cigar while sipping a heavy winter warmer of a beer. The intimate setting makes this easy to achieve.

Photo credit: Charlie Perez

There are quite a few beers I am looking forward to sampling, but I am very excited about the surprise beers that are expected from Artifex and Bottle Logic. Tustin’s multi-award-winning Portola Breakfast Stout is always a crowd pleaser (and with good reason!). Unsung will also return with St. Nick R Doodle, an Imperial Blonde with cinnamon, vanilla, and lactose added. It was my favorite of the festival last year.

Visit to find a list of breweries and the holiday-inspired beers each brewer is bringing. You can also buy tickets there.

The BrewHoHo at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim is my favorite of the beer tasting festivals put on by the BrewHaHa Productions. I have yet to miss one, and I don’t intend to miss this one. I’ll see you all on Saturday!


Editor’s note: Charlie Perez is an Advanced Cicerone® who covers the Orange County beer scene for the Booze Blog.

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