This Gin and Tonic is Like a Snowglobe at Blizzcon

nFuse’s Beverage Specialist – Brandon Salgado

Tonic mixed with a healthy dose of gin is a combo that makes me swoon—everything from a super strong, dive bar germ-killer to a fancy stemware creation that sounds like wind chimes when swirled. With National Gin Day approaching on Nov. 7th and Blizzcon heading to the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend, I hit up beverage specialist Brandon Salgado at nFuse Bar at the convention plaza Marriott about what he has in store for the week.

“We like to go big here at nFuse, not only with infused flavors, but we like to add a dazzling presentation,” says Brandon. Until I saw his square slate topped with lime, rosemary, peppercorns, and two globe glasses, I thought he was joking. I know he’s great at crafting a cocktail, but it damn near looked like he just got back from Michaels and was about to do some arts-and-crafts snowglobe decorations. “Where’s the glue gun?” I quipped.

Pfffffff…Snap, Crackle, Pop! The sound of rosemary getting torched.

He builds the drink in the glass, starting with a fresh-shaved tongue of cucumber, sprig of rosemary, and peppercorns. Nolet’s gin is added, then house-made tonic. Next, he seals the top of the globe glass and spins the drink upside-down, resting the glass on the slate. Now for the real attention-getter: He drizzles a few eyedropper-squeezes of 18-21 Prohibition Aromatic Bitters to the rosemary garnish on the slate, then torches it like a madman, sending Christmas-y fireplace vibes throughout the bar.

What’s in the glass in a completely refreshing spin on the classic drink. And those snowglobe-like cocktail glasses from Halm, complete with glass straws, are just an added bit o’ fun. Sipping the drink sounds like a scuba diver breathing under water and inspired this video! (youtube link)

nFuse Bar & Kitchen is at 700 W. Convention Way, Anaheim. Visit their website for details.

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