Downtown Fullerton Gets Even More Spirited

A drink at new Tribune leads to weekend plans at Fullerton Museum

gnag3666“What do think about the election?” asks a guy next to me at Tribune, Fullerton’s newest speakeasy-type craft cocktail cozy. “There was an election? Who won?” I ask back, pretending to be the most aloof person in the world. “Donald Trump,” he replies with a grimace. “No kidding, Donald Trump ran for president and won?” I reply, admiring the gold leaf logo and whiskey bottle lights dangling above my bar seat. He sighs, digs out his phone, then opens facebook…phew! I don’t have to talk politics at a bar!

After a little digging around my own facebook, I found nearby Fullerton Museum is hosting “Spirited: Prohibition in America,” a traveling version of the show that is based on the exhibition “American Spirits: the Rise and Fall of Prohibition,” organized by the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA, in collaboration with Daniel Okrent, author of “Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition.”

Liquid Citrine, a scotch cocktail by Hannah Leigh at Tribune, photo – Nagel

While reading about it, I sip on my Liquid Citrine, a gorgeous citrine-colored drink containing blended Scotch, Amaro Montenegro, essence of orange, Aztec chocolate bitters, and garnished with seared orange peel in the shape of a rose petal. For a new bar with a seasonal menu, this drink shows what bar manager Hannah Leigh is all about. It’s perfectly svelte, where a poof of peat smoke turns the corner into burnt orange aromatics and a kiss of bitter chocolate on the finish. It’s warming and reminiscent somewhat of a cigar humidor next to an orange grove.

“Did you see this prohibition thing at the Fullerton Museum?” I ask politics-guy next to me, politely changing the subject. “What’s prohibition?” He replies, equally as aloof. “It’s when booze was illegal in America almost a hundred years ago. The show kicks off with a catered, cocktail’d, and beer’d event this Saturday, from 6 to 10 p.m., for only $18…might be ironic to learn about prohibition and have some drinks at the same time,” I say. “That sounds awesome, it’d be great to get away from all that annoying political talk,” he replies. I smack my forehead, take my last swig and close out. “See you Saturday!”

Tribune is at 101 E. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton

Fullerton Museum 301 N. Pomona Ave., Fullerton



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