Draft Beer and Sammies Done Right: Board and Brew

Photo by Briawna Meier

In 2017, it’s harder and harder to tell what craft beers on a menu are made by legitimate, independently-owned craft brewers. In Orange County, this list of places can be counted on two hands, most making a bold statement of their intentions, except for one: Board & Brew.

The Board & Brew folks are completely humble about their well-crafted offerings, letting the menu speak for itself: local sandwiches pair the best with local craft beer. It’s really that simple.

Like breweries, Board & Brew doesn’t brag about much. Its humble beginnings in San Diego have grown slowly into Orange County since 1979. Like the beer it has on tap and bottles, the same love goes into its sandwiches, offering daily delivered fresh bread, preservative-free meat, and a secret sauce that is unicorn-tear delicious. It’s refreshing to go into a place that takes the guesswork out of eating and drinking right.

Looking for the perfect beer to pair with one of its sandwiches? Here are some suggestions:

When it comes to the big Beef Dip sandwich with steamy aus jus and level-10 horseradish, I have my heart set on something dark and roasty, preferably a porter, as roast beef plus a roasty beer equals a warm cozy belly. But if I were to change my mind and go for something spicy like the Roast Beef Spicy with jalapeño, I’d go for a big milk stout, as the old pairing rule goes, “sweet calms heat.” In for a lunchtime business pint, I might go for something on the lighter side, like the Turkado or Veggie Supreme, paired with  south Orange County’s Artifex Honey Blonde. For the IPA lover, it’s all about the Left Coast Pastrami, as the grilled onions, Dijon mustard, pepperoncini peppers, and  melted swiss cheese would pop with flavor intensity and the hop bitterness and beer bubbles would quickly reset my palate for another bite.

What are some of your favorite sandwich pairings?

Find Board & Brew at these locations:

  • 27000 Alicia Parkway B, Aliso Niguel
  • 5701 E. Santa Ana Canyon Road, Suite P (with a BevMo! coming soon next door)
  • 19720 Beach Blvd. Suite 103, Huntington Beach (opening this month!)
  • 32371 Golden Lantern, Laguna Niguel
  • 22411 Antonio Parkway, Suite C-180, Rancho Santa Margarita
  • 979 Avenida Pico, Unit C, San Clemente
  • Tustin also coming soon



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