Colorado’s Funkwerks Makes Its Way Into Orange County

Funkwerks Lineup

If you were to ever drink a beer in a pineapple under the sea, I’m pretty sure Funkwerks Pineapple Provincial would be the perfect beverage. The beer is soft, yellow, and pillowy porous, with just the right amount of tart to indulge while in Bikini Bottom…or any beach really. The beer is obviously pineapple but is not a cloying syrupy juice mess. At only 4.2%, my only complaint is it’s a little bit TOO easy to drink, and the 11.2 ounce bottles could be a little larger. Not a pineapple fan? Try the pink version with raspberry. Aye Aye Captain!

Colorado’s Funkwerks just started distribution to Orange County with four core beers, and when a new brewery makes its way onto our tender, sandy soil, it’s only polite to dig our freshly-pedicured toes into a few pints to check them out.

Funkwerks co-owner Brad Lincoln at McFadden Marketplace, Santa Ana

“People might get the impression we’re some huge brewery, but we’re not,” says co-owner Brad Lincoln at a local O.C. bar during a launch party. “Expanding our reach into SoCal has been a huge endeavor and we’ve trusted Stone Distribution as a partner,” he continued. Brad and partner Gordon Shuck started werking the funk back in 2010, just a few miles downwind of New Belgium’s windmills in Fort Collins. I visited five years ago while at the Great American Beer Festival, where only a handful of American breweries seemed to focus on sour-funky beers. In that time, Brad and Gordon quickly gained a national notoriety with medal-winning beers.

Funkwerks Saison

Dipping into their flagship beer Funkwerks Saison (6.2 percent), I’m surprised how missionary it is in approach but definitely unfolds like the Kamasutra popup book as it warms. Notes of papaya seeds, honeycomb, pink peppercorns and other clove-like spices pop out through the thick and effervescent carbonation. Tropic King, the bigger and more imperial saison brother (8 percent) is the heftiest of the four-beer lineup yet kind of fulfills a Belgian Tripel fantasy with a touch more boozy sweetness and a touch more body from a dose of toasty Munich malt.

Check out the new Funkwerks lineup on draft (search Untappd) and six-pack bottles at Hi-Time Wine Cellars, Bevmo!, and Total Wine & More.

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