Celebrate this New Year’s Eve with a Bottle from Fat Cork

New Year’s Eve is less than a week away. With so many options in Orange County surrounding this holiday, it’s hard to make any decision at all. Luckily, we can all agree on one thing: Champagne is the perfect drink for an evening dedicated to saying goodbye to the previous year and hello to a new beginning. Nothing signals celebration quite like the pop of a Champagne bottle, which is why I would love to unwrap the story of Fat Cork for you.

Last week, while in Seattle, I had the pleasure of meeting the proprietor of Fat Cork, Bryan Maletis. Bryan, along with his wife Abigail Maletis, embarked on their dream and founded Fat Cork in 2010. They partnered with an old friend who tirelessly roams the back roads of Champagne, France, searching for undiscovered boutique grower Champagnes to bring back to the States for us to enjoy. With exclusive rights to these Champagnes, they offer incredible value rarely seen from the region with a reputation for excessiveness.

The majority of clients using Fat Cork’s services go through their website, but there is a shop. Fat Cork’s location is hidden within the metropolis of Seattle—you can easily walk by without ever knowing. Once inside, the warmth and hospitality radiates from their intimate team, making you feel immediately welcome. When Bryan showed me his cellar, the excitement surrounding his treasured bottles poured out of him. The depth of information he has on Champagne and undiscovered producers are unrivaled. It was here that he handed me a bottle of 2008 Jean Baillette-Prudhomme. Never heard of it? Me either! But with a little research this what I discovered …

With six generations behind Jean Baillette-Prudhomme, this is the epitome of traditional grower Champagne. The family’s roots are established within the Premier Cru village of Trois-Puits. You can find the village of Trois-Puits within the region of Montage de Reims, known for harboring some of the greatest Pinot Noir in all of Champagne! This bottle of Jean Baillette-Prudhomme is also dated with the 2008 vintage; vintage dating is a title reserved for only the finest years. Grapes grown in 2008 show similar levels of acid to the famed 1996 vintage, with a ripeness resembling the hallmark 1990 vintage. These two qualities create an age worthy balanced wine, making 2008 one of the greatest years for Champagne. I can’t wait to open this bottle for New Years Eve!

Thankfully Fat Cork delivers Jean Baillette-Prudhomme and other grower Champagnes to doorsteps all over Orange County. Creating personalized shipments tailored to our needs, Fat Cork caters to a diverse audience. Their clients range from people just discovering Champagne to Sommeliers. Obtaining Champagne from Fat Cork is a must for anyone looking to set his or her collection apart from the rest. Discover it at fatcork.com.

What are you drinking this New Years Eve?

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