Call the Plum Riot Police: Bootlegger’s Brewery Re-Brews Classic

plumriotWhen I heard Bootlegger’s Brewery re-brewed Plum Riot after a four year hiatus, I grabbed my riot gear: a gold-rimmed Belgian glass, personalized bottle opener, and a three-finger tactical wedge of Cypress Grove Purple Haze goat cheese. One can’t be too careful.

Plum Riot is a flavorful fracas posed in the tone of a Belgian dubbel. Pouring a blushing murky red with clovey tart plum candy delicately punching the nose, Bootlegger’s managed to not only capture the magic of the original brew, they managed to improve it.

Incendiary booze-soaked fruit cake, spiced rum soaked plantains, brown sugar, and overripe banana make up the flavors, yet the dry finish keeps you marching forward through the bottle. At 7.8% ABV, the alcohol is barely evident, yet can warm your activist lifestyle.

The biggest difference from the original brew is the bottle format. The expensive cork & cage format was tossed like a molotov in favor of standard 22 ounce bombers. With a fifty barrel batch hitting the streets this season distributed through Straub, expect to find this beer basically everywhere, 7-11’s included, and sells for $9-11.

Bootlegger’s Brewery, Downtown Fullerton. 130 S Highland Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832

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