The Bruery (subliminally) Turns Eight

Confession: With more and more breweries opening in Orange County, it’s getting difficult to keep track of the Chronology of each. I’m like, “Arrrggghhh! So Berazzled!” As I recall, The Bruery was built in 2008 as a way for founder Patrick Rue to escape the Mash & Grind of law school, and a kitchen stove with a Melange of homebrewing messes his wife Rachel thought looked like the Tradewinds hit. With much Befuddlement, The Bruery opened as part of O.C.’s second wave of breweries, completely marching to its own beat, causing Mischief with its boutique brand only true Motherfunking beer geeks flocked to.

The head ‘Terreuxist’, Jeremy Grinkey admiring the Poterie (photo Greg Nagel)

Admittedly, I felt like part of a Geriatric Hipster Club upon discovering Bruery Provisions, where a flight of house beers paired with cheese and charcuterie were both inexpensive and Tumescent enough to make me feel like a Smooth Criminal. When it closed, it was no Rueuze, The Bruery intended to get out of the store space and focus on being weird, either by barrel aging half its production in oak barrels, or stepping outside the bounds of traditional beer, creating beer versions of other drinks, like L’Deracola (cola), Or Xata (horchata), and even Roble Blanco (margarita).

A Stein’s Throw away from the original brewery in Anaheim, Bruery Terreux is set to open this summer (July 4 weekend?), solving a few issues, most notably having two separate facilities to address quality issues with pervasive wild yeast and bacteria, as well as having two tasting rooms to ease overcrowding. Although each tasting room will have a few hits of each, expect the majority of wild and sour beer to be on a Terreux, with a few taps making it over to the existing Placentia tasting room…and vice versa. Anaheim’s tasting room will also have an outdoor patio, per city plans, similar to the patio at Provisions before its closure.

So don’t be a Tart of Darkness, Ride That Bear (or SheGöat) to The Bruery to check out its 8th anniversary ale, Poterie, and a healthy pour of Share This! Coffee beer, for charity!

The Bruery – Cucina Enoteca beer dinner alert! June 14th at 6:30 P.M. Click for details!

Text in italics are some of my favorite Bruery beers!

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