Bravus NA: Nonalcoholic Beer That Tastes Like Beer

Photo credit: Charlie Perez

Can’t have alcohol for a variety of reasons? Were you able to enjoy beers in the past but no longer can due to medical factors or a personal life change? Or perhaps you miss the community or sense of inclusion? Bravus Brewing Co., local producer of nonalcoholic beer, is your answer. And their products taste pretty good. Don’t believe me? Well, the judges at the recent Great American Beer Festival agreed with me, awarding Bravus two medals, silver and bronze, in the NA Beer category.

When asked about the impressive double win, Philip Brandes, owner and brewer, simply said, “It’s an honor.” I’ll add to that and say that it’s also well-deserved and the positive feedback from consumers attests to this. Furthermore, it has become an influence on the development and evolution of the product. “We just brew what our consumer wants, not necessarily to style using their feedback to adjust, and we end up with it,” he added.

An immensely large disclaimer should be said at this point: I am not a medical doctor and do not proclaim this to be the best solution for those that may have a medical condition that prohibits consumption of any alcoholic product. Please, please, PLEASE consult your physician to obtain approval on your physical and/or mental capability of consuming this and any other NA product.

Bravus has produced a variety of NA beers for a few years now, and Brandes works with other specialists to develop a proprietary technique to fully ferment these beers without producing ethanol, thereby negating the need to filter out the alcohol and thereby keeping as much flavor as possible. The IPA is its original product and still holds firm as the basepoint for this product. It is quite tasty. As their NA process continues to improve, other products may be on the horizon. “CBD is next,” Brandes revealed. “We are playing around with the idea to even have some NA cocktails,” he then excitedly proclaimed.

I probed further. “We will have a home in the next few months or so,” Brandes disclosed. Bravus will have a home here in OC, where one can have a pour on draught and perhaps buy some freshly packaged cans. It’s been a long time in coming. In the meantime, you can find them at Total Wine or order from their website. Brandes explained: “We have to self-distribute since most distribution houses seem to focus on alcohol, which is fine.” It is indeed fine, as they are found in many states and ship to almost anywhere from their online orders. A more national presence and global existence is on the five-year look-ahead.

This product may have brought hope back to many who have never been or once were part of the beer community. “I have so many heartfelt stories in my inbox because people can have beer again. It’s emotional. This is my responsibility now,” Brandes said with a smile. Whatever the reason may be, and if it’s medically OK for you to do so, Bravus could let you participate without participating. Brandes said it best: “Our point is inclusion.”

With Bravus you are included.


Editor’s note: Charlie Perez is an Advanced Cicerone® who covers the Orange County beer scene for the Booze Blog.

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