Block Out the Sun with This Hefty Stout

Fact: In the back of every Orange County beer geek’s closet lies a few wax-dipped Bruery beers. Despite their cost and deliciousness, they sit patiently, collecting beer geek fairy dust waiting for that perfect time to be birthed at a bottle share. With the average alcohol per 750ml topping off at around 15 percent, simply opening one up alone on a random weeknight is asking for a sick day, or possibly a call from Wilford Brimley.

One beer, in particular, is ripe for the picking this coming Monday, Aug. 21, with the near total eclipse happening: The Bruery’s Grey Monday. Imagine the opportunity to take a vacation day, strap on some ISO 12312-2 viewing glasses, and break open this bourbon barrel- and hazelnut-aged Russian imperial stout. I’m not sure if beer goggles block out the sun’s harmful rays, so it’s best to be safe with certified eclipse-viewing gear.

Grey Monday is by far my most prized variations of Black Tuesday, which is the base beer. Best served at 55 to 65 degrees, it smells sort of like if a See’s Candies store were crafted entirely of fresh oak and bourbon, or perhaps a Nutella employee was drinking whiskey on the job. It’s incredibly decadent, potent, and desserty. It’s truly a beer for the end of times.

On my pour, a confectionary parfait of aromatics blooms from the glass. Real maple syrup, S’more’s complete with burnt marshmallow, vanilla, raisinettes, and Heaven Hill Bourbon. The mouthfeel is perceived as sweet, although the beer finishes incredibly dry according to one the Bruers.” If you want to know what alcohol’s sweetness tastes like, this is it.

The Bruery might have some to pour during the eclipse, although it’s not yet confirmed.

The Bruery is at 717 Dunn Way, Placentia //

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