Black Tuesday 2017 Crop Report

Black Tuesday, Photo - Greg Nagel

Over the years, I’ve written about one beer more than any other: the yearly release of The Bruery’s big, black, bourbon bomb Black Tuesday. Named after the historic Wall Street market crash of 1929, the beer has shared as much variance as the stock market. Every year when it’s released, it reminds me of the crop report scene in the movie Trading Places, where brokers go nuts when the Secretary of Agriculture reads the Orange Juice crop report. This year, will you end up like Randolf and Mortimer with no Black Tuesday, or Winthorpe and Valentine? Here’s my 2017 Black Tuesday buy-buy-buy, or a sell, sell, sell crop report.

2017 The Bruery Black Tuesday at 19.5% ABV, Photos and Story, Greg Nagel

Past impressions: One of the things I usually pull out of each release is a pronounced S’More character, where chocolate truffles, toasty marshmallow, and even graham crackers dominate. 2014’s had a big maple syrup character that was undeniable. Overall, the beer smells like if you were to drop a bottle of bourbon inside a See’s Candy Store, where booze riffs off of sweet chocolate, caramel, and vanilla aromatics. Some years are hotter with alcohol than others and tend to smooth out with age.

2017 release: The S’More’s I usually discern are gone. My first impression is Raisinets and Concord grape juice in the forefront; toasted coconut, earthy oak, and caramel-candied nuts playing in the background.  If you were to put this beer in front of me blind, I wouldn’t have placed it as Black Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. With any barrel-blended beer, my main hope is the beer evolves, and it seems like it took a few steps forward in flavor and nuance. 2017 seems fruitier.

Overall: At 19.5 percent ABV, this is a special beer to break out with only the best of company. I suggest trying to buy a few bottles to give as holiday gifts and of course stock the cellar for a future vertical tasting.

Black Tuesday is released on the last Tuesday of October, this year on 10/24. Check The Bruery’s website for full release details so you don’t miss out!


Tuesday, Oct. 24, beginning at or around 10 a.m. PT (1:00 p.m. ET)

Where (link on homepage)


6 bottles per person (first-come, first-served)
Must be 21 or older to purchase

Retail price

$29.99 plus tax

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