Beer and a Bite, Date Night!

Huntington Beach Date Night Ideas

With my wife’s nails freshly French tipped, four-inch strappy wedges picked out, and lashes seemingly three inches long, it’s time for a proper date night. The conversation usually goes: “Where are you taking me?”, “What do you feel like?”, then, “You’re the beer guy, you should know all the places!” Welp, I don’t. This county is simply too massive.

Most of our dates usually revolve around visiting a brewery tasting room first, grabbing a bite to eat somewhere we haven’t been, and a nightcap at a local dive (Ubering, of course). It just so happens that in some areas of Orange County I’m a complete novice, Huntington Beach being one. Surf City has a budding beer scene, with three breweries opening within the last fourteen months, so I asked the three H.B. breweries where the good bites and brews are. What’s your date night routine?

photo - Jessica McNew

Deven Dufresne of Four Sons Brewing: “Our favorite spot for cocktails is 25 Degrees. They make amazing drinks, all fresh ingredients, top shelf everything. Next I would say Main Street Wine Company for the wine side, tons of amazing wines and a small rotating craft beer selection. They are both located downtown. Slater’s 50/50 is the top choice for a beer. Always a great selection.”

riipRyan Rasmussen of RIIP Beer Co.: “BT’s Southern BBQ is kind of small and not a super fancy date-style place, but the beer selection is epic and so is the food. Pizza Lounge has great beer list and food is good too; they don’t just do pizza. Main Street Wine Company right next door to Pizza Lounge has a good beer list as well and a great place to have pre-drinks before dinner … we usually go there and then go to Pizza Lounge after for some food and drinks. SeaLegs Wine Bar is a great wine bar with good beer selection … everybody loves this place!”

glen and monicaGlenn Clossen of Beach City Brewery: “For our date nights, we usually start at our brewery tasting room, as an end to the work day (I am obviously biased on this one, so I will not go into more detail on my sales pitch). Our favorite place to grab a bite for a date is either SeaLegs Wine Bar or Sandy’s.  Both have a great beer selection and excellent food, it just depends if you feel like fighting Main Street parking or just having plenty of spots in the SeaLegs’ parking lot. For our night cap, we enjoy the Speakeasy. Great cocktails and tapas.”

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