Beachwood Adds Pizzeria to Its Lineup

Beer pairs magically with pizza at Beachwood Pizza & Beer.
Photograph Courtesy of Beachwood Pizza & Beer

I’ll never forget my first time attending the award ceremony at Denver’s Great American Beer Festival, a short decade ago. One local brewery, Beachwood BBQ & Brewing, seemed stuck in a revolving door to the stage. After getting called up for five medals, it was no surprise to hear the spot won the best midsize brewpub in America. Nothing is more remarkable than seeing your local watering hole get well-deserved recognition on the national level. 

How to get your beer in every pizza place in town, a collaboration brew with nearby riip beer company. Photograph by Greg Nagel

Since then, Beachwood has been busy, having opened the sour and funky Beachwood Blendery, taken over a full-scale Huntington Beach production brewery, spawned two satellite taprooms in Bixby Knolls and Garden Grove, and now has sights on opening a distillery. As sad as it was to see the original Beachwood BBQ in Seal Beach close during the pandemic, grabbing a beer and a slice at the latest endeavor, Beachwood Pizza & Beer in Huntington Beach, is just as good as it sounds. 

“Doing barbecue during the pandemic was brutal,” says Beachwood co-owner Gabe Gordon. “I’d have to pre-buy all the meat, smoke it, and end up with food waste. … It was incredibly frustrating.” What else pairs magically with beer? Slices of pizza, of course. 

Johnny Tsunami, fulfilling my bacon, jalapeno, and pineapple dreams. Photograph by Greg Nagel

If you know anything about the Beachwood folks, they exude a culture of obsessing over quality and having fun, and when I heard pizza was involved at this new spot, I knew Gordon had a story. The dough blends that New York-ish thin crust style with a hippie sourdough crust you might find in Portland, Oregon. 

“We mill the grain, make the dough, and ferment it with our house sour yeast culture … the same one we use at Beachwood Blendery,” says Gordon. He also hired chef Waldo Stout, a baker who has experience at Bestia, Bavel, Little Coyote, and others. 

The meatball sando. A must. Photograph by Greg Nagel

The bread goes well beyond just pizza, as with the meatball sandwich—the only sandwich on the menu. Tightly packed meatballs are tucked into a cozy pocket, drowned in sauce, then topped with shaved cheese. “It’s definitely a fork and knife sando,” quips Gordon. The beautiful thing about eating it with a fork is the bread acts like injera bread at the end of an Ethiopian meal, absorbing flavors like a sponge. It’s quite addicting. 

Beachwood beer names are usually punny. Photograph by Greg Nagel

The beer list lies centered in the Beachwood-verse, everything from hazy IPAs to crushable lagers, seltzer, and even award-winning Blendery-made beers. There’s also a selection of wines. What beer pairs best with pizza? Turns out all of them. 

Beachwood Pizza & Beer, 5205 Warner Ave., Huntington Beach